Dave Nicholson's Bonus Terms

OK guys, so just to keep things all transparent and above board here, I am going to list a few terms that 'should' be obvious, but just in case you're not sure please check them.

1. You must have an active Commission Machine account in order to receive my bonuses, obviously my bonuses are VERY valuable, so if you are thinking you can just buy, claim my bonus then refund then you are mistaken! I go to great expense to provide you these bonuses, so I need to be sure that if you claim them then you are agreeing to receive them as an ADDITION to your Commission Machine membership. If you do have to cancel or refund for any reason, then you forfeit all your bonuses.

2. I reserve the right to add/remove any bonuses at any time. Usually, I only ever add to my bonuses, making them more valuable, but if a problem with a particular bonus crops up then I may have to remove it.

3. I reserve the right to withdraw any bonus claims I feel necessary, believe it or not after everything I do to try and help people out they still try to cheat and abuse these bonuses.

4. Any bonus I promote as part of the Golden Ticket bonus must be something you have created yourself and not something you have rights to sell. This means you have to compile unique bonuses just as I have done here and you must offer real value. This wont be hard as Michaels training will take you through all you need to know.

5. There is a 6 month time limit to claim all of your bonuses apart from the Golden Ticket bonus that has a 12 month time limit.

That's it!




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